Boost the Performance of your Call Center and Increase Your Income

68 per cent of customer care is handled over the phone. The phone also comes first in sales, which is why you should support your call center agents with dedicated software.

    Make and receive more calls

   Stop wasting time calling voicemail and wrong numbers

  Monitor performance and analyze results

  Identify callers and make use of customer data

Make More Calls in the Same Amount of Time

More calls bring more sales and more satisfied customers.
So how can you make more calls in the same amount of time? With the Focus Contact Center platform, you’ll automate your contact center and do just that.
What you should consider:

  • Predictive Dialing
  • VMD
  • HLR
  • Predictive Dialing – use advanced algorithms to adapt the dialing speed to the work of your consultants with this automatic, AI-driven dialing mode,
  • Voice Mail Detection (VMD) – save time and money by automatically detecting and terminating voicemail calls,
  • HLR – concentrate on calling where it counts – use the central telecom database to identify and block invalid or nonexistent numbers.

Monitor Performance in Real Time and Analyze Custom Reports

Conveniently track live performance on any web-enabled device and immediately provide feedback to your agents. Listen to the calls your agents make, and support them during tough customer conversations with voice prompts only they can hear.

Know Your Customers and Drive Your Performance with Real Data

Use the Focus Contact Center platform as a knowledge base about leads and customers. The system logs every interaction so that you immediately know what services your customers use, what they may need now, and more. The more you know about the leads and customers, the easier it is to adjust your offer to their needs and drive sales performance.