The Focus Desk Ticket Handling System – Helpdesk Software in the cloud

Log and handle customer tickets with this multi-channel helpdesk platform
Improve and streamline customer service.

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  • Integrate all communication channels: chat, SMS, e-mail, phone, www;
  • Actively queue tickets across all channels;
  • Manage customer and partner relationships;
  • Log all interactions in contact history.

Ticket Management

  • Create, edit, combine, and delete tickets;
  • Track ticket creation, changes, and closing;
  • Export ticket lists with full information;
  • Assign tickets to agents;
  • Filter lists by status, type, priority, date, changes, and more;
  • Use quick response templates;
  • Define type, status, and priority libraries;
  • Set ticket origins;
  • Define supervisor and agent rights;
  • Save tickets and their history in the miniCRM.

Ticket Handling

  • Add private notes to tickets;
  • Send public replies to customers;
  • Assign tickets to records;
  • Send attachments in e-mail replies;
  • Track agent ticket handling times;
  • Add CC and BCC recipients in ticket e-mails;
  • Review full ticket history;
  • See the full ticket list and accept selected tickets;
  • Set recalls on the ticket;
  • View the full recall calendar;
  • Access the knowledge database;
  • Save money with Lite accounts featuring full ticket handling capability and internal communication options.

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Export ticket lists;
  • Analyze ticket statistics – by status, day, month, and year;
  • Get ticket numbers in real time;
  • Receive deadline alerts;
  • Receive SLA alerts;
  • Generate ticket handling reports by agent;
  • Export statistics and lists to .XLSX files.


  • Define as many SLA groups and levels as you need;
  • Assign selected SLA groups to campaigns and records;
  • Assign SLA levels from preset groups;
  • Customize ticket response and closing times for all SLA levels;
  • Monitor ticket response and closing times;
  • Automatically flag tickets with imminent or missed SLA deadlines;
  • Set escalation scenarios in case of imminent or missed SLA deadlines.

Helpdesk Automation

  • Create tickets from received e-mails or text messages;
  • Send confirmation and status messages according to predefined templates;
  • Add new messages to existing tickets with ticket identifiers.


  • Handle multiple tickets with the same customer simultaneously;
  • Get full knowledge about open and closed customer tickets;
  • Communicate across all channels in one ticket;
  • Accept and handle all tickets – get system alerts about upcoming deadlines;
  • Log all interactions in the system – immediately see who, when, and why contacted you about the ticket;
  • Add private internal notes to tickets;
  • Generate detailed agent reports;
  • Streamline your customer service;
  • Automatically add all customer messages to tickets;
  • Detect agent collisions;
  • Send HTML e-mails;
  • Review ticket status with missed SLA flags;
  • Support your agents with predefined message templates;
  • Search tickets quickly by tags or configurable types.