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The product

Focus Desk is a state-of-the-art system enabling users to register customer inquiries (questions, orders, complaints, resignations, etc.) and handle them (transfer them to an appropriate individual, measure the processing time, check timely delivery, analyze contacts and proper handling).

The system is available from anywhere in the world (as long as Internet access is available) and supports all communication channels simultaneously (inquiries by phone, text messages, email or the website contact form).

Inquiry handling management

Automatic registration of each inquiry submitted by a client

it is assigned to an existing inquiry or a new one is created – the process is also known as the ticketing system.


All communication channels supported

phone calls, text messages, emails, chats or inquiries from the website contact form.


Available from anywhere in the world

Internet access is the only prerequisite.



Streamlined inquiry handling management

Inquiries are allocated to consultants, processing deadlines are set, individual inquiries may be grouped together, etc.

Automatic registration of all inquiries

Registration of inquiries, orders, complaints, resignations, etc.

Inquiry handling monitoring

The Focus Desk system makes sure that all cases are handled in a timely manner.

Administrator-defined features

The administrator may define the types, priorities and status of inquiries, message templates, SLA levels and consultants’ working hours.

List of inquiries

Each consultant can see all the ongoing inquiries from customers and their current status, which facilitates work planning.

Inquiry grouping

Several inquiries from a single client can be grouped (e.g. if they apply to the same case).

Simultaneous support for several communication channels

Contact customers through any communication channel (phone, text messages, email, chat, queries from the website contact form) and freely change between channels.

Monitoring of consultants’ work on inquiries

A tool which provides the line manager with real-time information on the consultants’ productivity and timely delivery (e.g. how long it took to resolve a case, how much time the consultant spent working on an inquiry, etc.).


A set of individually customizable alerts. A special function to remind users of an approaching inquiry response deadline.


Simultaneous and independent handling of multiple inquiries from a single customer.

Enhanced Customer Service Quality

Clear view of the client datasheet and their inquiry track record to provide a fully personalized service.

More customer insights

The system notifies consultants of any planned activities and guarantees timely customer service delivery.

More efficient customer service

Inquiries may be allocated to the right individuals or groups and their handling may be monitored.

Convenient management of consultant teams