Focus Desk Ticketing System

Multichannel platform streamlining communications and the customer service process
Deploy a safe and stable cloud-based ticketing system.

Focus Desk Ticketing System – Main Screen

1. Recalls – preview all recalls assigned to tickets in this convenient calendar view;

2. Recording Server – review and playback all calls that were made with this ticket;

3. Call – call the customer assigned to the active ticket;

4. Display Script – display the call script and use it when talking to a customer or completing a form;

5. Basic Information – display basic customer information, such as phone number, e-mail address, or other customer data;

6. Assigned to – see which agent has the ticket assigned;

7. Assign to – assign the ticket to another agent or group (department) – e.g. if a complaint-related ticket got to debt collection, you can assign it to the complaints department;

8. Transfer – transfer the ticket to another agent or queue. You can also transfer calls to a number, but the ticket remains on your panel while the call is transferred;

9. Working on the Ticket – see the number of agents that have the sheet of this ticket open. When mousing over this field, you see the list of agents working on the ticket;

10. Status – change the ticket status;

11. Priority – change the ticket priority;

12. Type – set the ticket type;

13. SLA – Service Level Agreement – user-defined SLA depending on the ticket priority and the agreement with the customer (closing deadline). After setting the SLA, you will see the closing deadline on the ticket list;

14. Set Ticket Reminder – if the ticket requires action after a certain time, you can set a reminder using the calendar and typing the exact time when it should activate. You can also add a note to the reminder;

15. Source – see what communication channel the ticket originated from;

16. Added by – see which agent added the entry to the ticket;

17. Template – choose a pre-set reply template;

18. Attach Ticket History to E-mail – tick the field to send all e-mail correspondence saved in the ticket to the customer’s e-mail, minus system changes and private notes;

19. Private Note – take internal notes, e.g. during a customer call;

20. Unhandled Records – review the list of records that were not finished within the set time limit;

21. Ticket List – display the tickets assigned to the agent. Remove filters to see the full ticket list;

22. Reply Type – if working on a multichannel campaign, this button selects the type of reply: text message or e-mail. The text editor will adapt to the reply type selected. If working only with e-mails, this button opens a “Public Reply”, i.e. e-mail;

23. Consult – consult the ticket with another agent or an external number.