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Voice Mail Detection (VMD)

Increase the efficiency of outbound telephone campaigns
and reduce telecommunications costs by using the most effective tool for detecting voicemail

The product

The Focus VMD solution is based on detecting forwarding to voicemail numbers and automatic ending of such calls without bearing telecommunications costs and wasting the agents’ time.

Why Focus VMD?



Recognition on the basis of the following criteria:

  • speech length and tempo
  • voicemail signal
  • provoked action of the recipient (executing a command, such as pressing a particular key)


  • cost of calls to voicemail
  • 60-80% effective detection of voicemail
  • approx. 55% effective classification of calls to a human

FOCUS VMD (by forwarding)


  • Detection of call forwarding to a voicemail number


  • no costs of calling voicemail
  • 90% effective detection of voicemail
  • 100% effective classification of calls to a human


No charge for calls to voicemail, because such calls are not continued.


Agents waste up to 50% of their time for voicemail.

Increased productivity

With programmable number dialling which delivers the agents only ready calls to people.

Time savings

This function gives you 100% sure classification of calls to a human.

100% efficiency