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Your company through a customer's perspective

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About the Ebook

Today, the fight for the customer is a battle for the real profit of the company. The consumer dictates the conditions in every industry. Surprisingly, the quality of customer service still needs a lot of improvement.

As many as nine out of ten customers are prepared to pay more than the lowest price for which they are looking for.

80% of companies believe that they offer “extraordinary” customer service. 8% of their customers agree. (Forrester, 2012, p. 2)
89% of companies compete today mainly for customer service. (Gartner, 2016, p. 2)

There are many ways to operate a hotline or customer service and ideas related to the implementation of customer requests, as well as systems that improve the work of consultants.

This e-book was created for those who want to know the answer to the question whether they are good at customer service. We presented here the most important information about this area of business and examples of specific solutions that help the customer service department gain greater efficiency and become a real tool for building customer loyalty and knowledge.

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