Successfully reach your debtors.
Lower collection costs and save time.

Reach More Debtors, Faster

Prevent debtors from identifying you by phone number and stop wasting time calling voicemail and inactive numbers. Take the first step to negotiations with automated e-mails and text messages persuading the debtor to answer the phone.

Help Yourself Negotiate Better

Keep all debtor information and contact history in one place. With the Focus Contact Center system’s automated number identification, your agents see the debtor’s details as soon as the phone rings. Record all calls and use them as real-life training material and proof in potential disputes.

Lower Collection Costs

Did you know that your collection agents can lose as much as 60 per cent of their time making ineffective calls – looking up phone numbers, dialing, waiting, calling voicemail or non-existent numbers? Save that time and automate your calling with the Focus Contact Center platform.

Manage Your Collection Team

What is your daily and monthly performance? How many debtors have you contacted, and how many issues have you closed? Which agents underperform and need extra trainings? Easily access all this info, and more, in your Focus Contact Center system user panel. Download the reports, analyze the data, identify weak spots, and improve.