CTI integration for Salesforce

Click2Dial (Focus CTI) connector is a dedicated Salesforce plugin that integrates Contact Center and CRM systems.

Now your Sales, Telemarketing, Service teams can take full advantage of the Contact Center system while working inside your Salesforce CRM. 


Improve Sales, Telemarketing effectiveness

…and take your customer service to the next level

  • Save your Team’s time – automate routine tasks, create priorities, auto-log all the inbound and outbound calls in Salesforce
  • Create powerful sales and marketing campaigns based on Salesforce native and imported database
  • Organize and manage your Customer Service engagement in a new way
  • Create advanced, detailed reports based on campaigns and user activities



Create omnichannel communication by leveraging sms,
chat, email, and phone channels


Create notes and descriptions from calls directly in

Click to Call

Forget about dialing.
Now you only need to click a button in Salesforce


Record calls and secure every customer engagement

Make sure you won’t miss anything

  • Record every inbound or outbound call and store them in easy to access secured contact center platform
  • Archive communication with customers to improve sales scores and service levels
  • Adjust your internal procedures to GDPR and other local personal data protection requirements



Play records directly from your CRM.


Make use of the safest and modern voice transfer technology


Record and archive calls with your customers


Track, measure and report

Now you can have easy access to all communication from your CRM

  • Identify and replicate successful performance trends by tracking and analyzing activities raw data
  • Craft your own, tailored reports in CRM and Contact Center
  • Measure customer satisfaction levels by periodic, customized surveys



Track all communication points with your clients.


Compare data, scores, trends by making use of powerful reports.


Motivate your Teams by showing them real-time scores



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