Customers dissatisfied with your service? Competition picking them off? Customer care too expensive?

Many businesses face these challenges.
The Focus Contact Center platform can help you beat them.


focus contact center - main interface


To improve customer accessibility, open as many contact channels as possible and quickly handle any customer issues or queries. Let your customers engage with you on the phone, with text messages, e-mails, or online forms.

Your benefits? By increasing accessibility you get more customers, grow their loyalty, and make them return.

How do you improve customer access with new technologies?

See how it worked for others:

After the deployment of the Focus Contact Center platform:
– average speed of answer (ASA) – down to 5 seconds
– answer-seizure ratio (ASR) – skyrocketed to 99 per cent

With the Focus Contact Center platform, up to 98 per cent phone calls get answered within 20 seconds.


With the Focus Contact Center system:
– the IVR automatically distributes calls to 5 branches across Poland
– the number of answered calls grew to 100 per cent


Faster service is faster for the customer – and you. With new technologies, your agents get instant access to all customer information and need less time to answer questions or solve problems. Less time = more efficient work = lower costs.

Better customer access with new technologies

See how it works:

Effects of the Focus Contact Center platform deployment:

– fewer agents required to solve one issue

– increased First Call Resolution score

– decreased average customer service time

The effects of the Focus Contact Center system:

– shorter average issue handling time

– minimized call waiting times for partners and VIP customers


Do you know… at what times you get the most calls? What products customers ask about? Do they prefer talking to you officially, or casually? When do they hang up?

How can customer service software help you? It’s simple – by increasing your sales. Your customers buy more and keep returning to you when you know and address their needs. With detailed reports you can adapt your product offer and service to their requirements, and calculate profitability.

How can the Focus Contact Center platform help your customer service?

more communication channels – let the customer choose how to contact you

no more bottlenecks – route phone calls to the right agent or department

on-hold info – inform your customers about their predicted waiting time

automatic callbacks – keep in touch with the customers and foster the relationship

immediate emergency response get immediate notification and re-route calls to additional staff when waiting times get too long

off-time contact inform your customers automatically about alternative contact channels when they call you outside business hours

automated customer identification – save the time and hassle it takes to identify your returning customers

customer preference routing connect your returning customers to the agents with the required skills – such as speaking the customer’s language

contact history routing – connect your returning customers to agents who they previously talked to or rated highest

database integrating all communication channels keep all customer information in one place: all data from calls, e-mails, chats, online forms, texts or faxes is at your agents’ fingertips helping them answer customer questions quickly and accurately

reporting and live monitoring – review and analyze key performance data: how do your agents work? How much time do they spend having breaks? How well do they solve customer problems, and how quickly? Is their sales pitch effective, or does it need reworking?

queue monitoring and reporting – analyze queueing data to improve customer experience: when do your customers wait in long queues, and when are your agents idle? How long do the customers wait before they hang up?

generate your own customized reports with any data you need to pull from the system

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