Immediate handling of inquiries from potential borrowers. No queues at the helpline. Sell your loans efficiently and keep the costs in check.

Let your customers reach you

Do you know how many potential customers can’t reach you, every day? Do you know how much money you lose that way, every week, month, and year?

By properly configuring your helpline, you can shorten telephone waiting times to an average of a few seconds. What if the customer hangs up anyway? The system calls back automatically.

Immediately answer all questions

A customer who has decided on a loan sends you an inquiry. Data shows that if they get no answer in three minutes – if sent by email, or a few seconds – if sent by chat, they turn to your competitors. If they answer immediately, you’ve lost a customer.

Use the ticketing module , as well as queueing and alert functions to route inquiries to the right agent. A quick reply is the best way to make the customer take the loan from you.

Make your telesales effective

Effective telesales is easy:
Decent database + good script + automation of all actions where the human factor isn’t necessary.
With the Focus Contact Center solution it’s easy to prepare, test, and tweak the script using dedicated tools.
Automation helps the agents focus only on talking to potential customers. No time goes wasted on waiting for connections, voicemail, or invalid phone numbers. Focus miniCRM helps manage the contact database and lets the agents easily access all collected data.

Personalize communication

What does a customer expect from you when taking another loan? An individual approach (“Hello again Mr Foley”), no need to repeat their contact data or retell the story of previous contacts, and talking to the same agent.

And that’s easy now that the sales and support departments use the Focus Contact Center for customer communication.


Collection Link sells short-term and installment loans. With its customer base growing, it started getting overwhelmed. It was unable to efficiently handle the inquiries and was losing potential customers. At the same time, high agent costs and their low efficiency were becoming a growing concern.


Collection Link implemented the Focus Contact Center System and saw a significant increase in the number of loans sold in only three months.

Lost leads

– agents were unable to handle all inquiries quick enough. Potential customers had trouble reaching the company by phone. As a result, some went to competitors, and Collection Link didn’t even know how many. Messages sent by email were handled slowly and chaotically. Agents had difficulty accessing the customer database, so return customer service was inadequate.


Poor telesales

– agents wasted most of their time on routine, ineffective activities, such as waiting to connect to a potential customer. Operational costs grew, the agents were demoralized, and sales performance sagged.

Implementing the Focus Contact Center platform

With growing difficulties in getting customers, Collection Link decided to use top solutions in customer communications. Since the implementation of Focus Contact Center, they do their inquiry handling, telesales, and agent management using the platform.

Telesales found the following tools most useful:

predictive dialing,

– detecting and canceling voice mail calls,

– automatic removal of invalid phone number from the database,

– contact calendars.

100% leads recorded

– the system automatically records all phone calls (even when the customer hung up before an agent responded) or emails. Collection Link is in full control of inquiries from existing and potential customers, so it can improve service and prevent lead loss.

29% more inquiries handled

– by using the right tools, service became faster and more efficient. The functionalities used include IVR, call queueing, relation management mechanisms, a central database, and automatic recalls to customers who hung up trying to call the company.

40% stronger telesales

– the sales staff focused on talking to prospective customers, since all the routine time-wasting tasks got automated. This raised the number of effective daily contacts by nearly 40%, with a drop in telecommunication costs.

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