Multichannel Ticket Handling System

Used by Thousands of Customers

Organize your support department better

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Organize and manage communication with clients in a professional way


SMS Ticketing

Email Ticketing

Advanced reports

See what you can gain with the professional customer service

Workforce Optimization

Customer Satisfaction

Elimination of delays
and errors

Improving employee satisfaction

Basic Focus Desk functionalities

Automation rules

Improve customer service efficiency by applying automation rules that streamline and speed up the registration and management process.

Workflow management

Organize your customer service by assigning all or part of a ticket to your agents based on their skills or other criteria of your choice.

Advanced Macros

Plan and set a series of monotonous actions on your system yourself. This will save your employees’ time and reduce the risk of confusion.

Customer Panel

Enable your Client to independently preview the status of their application using a simple, individual customer panel. Limit the number of unnecessary queries. 

Focus Desk integrations:

Take advantage of the capabilities offered by our team of over 30 developers thanks to which we integrate with almost any system used by the client.


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