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The product

Chat is currently the fastest growing sales and customer care communication channel. Although its used online, Chat gives customers an impression of close contact with sales person in “traditional” shop. Seller in natural way starts conversation and immediately clearing up any doubts and closing purchase. Focus Chat tool ensures high consultants’ work productivity since they can simultaneously chat with several customers.


Check how Focus Chat will rise up Your company performance.



Interlocutor identification

Interlocutor is identified according to database records. If caller/chatter data are recorded agent will see it on panel and all new gathered information will be added to same record. If this is the first contact – a new record will be created and added to shared database.


Consultant receives information at which particular place in the company website site Chatter is, it gives Agent better recognition and “filing” of interlocutor interests.


System of Focus Chat enables to assign greetings adjusted to the category of the interlocutor – depending on whether it is first contact, is on the website again, or is staying on the website for a specified time. Chat layout – you can specify company’s logo, colour of chat window and possibility to display consultant’s picture.

Simultaneous conversations

One agent may have at the same time up to six independent conversations in chat channel. Focus Chat will put all subsequent chatters in a waiting queue.


Research results indicates that chat is bringing the highest customers satisfaction in their contacts with businesses.

Customer satisfaction

Consultants may handle several chats at the same time and interweave conversations by pasting pre-prepared answers.

Higher productivity

Chat is cheaper than traditional communication channels. It’s worthwhile to used it whenever using other channels is not a necessity.


Usage of chat in online sales increases the conversion rate ranging from several to even 40% (data from the US market).

Higher conversion rate

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