Focus Contact Center in Creditinfo Romania – Case Study

Creditinfo Romania are recognized leaders in providing diversified credit risk management products and services in trade, telecommunication, insurance and other crediting markets. With information provision at the core of their services and more than 13 years’ experience, they enable their clients to make better informed business decisions, evaluate future partners, and collect money faster.

Creditinfo are the owners of the “Strongest in Romania” brand and use it to certify companies for being reliable and trustful on the market.

Creditinfo have currently 28 offices, with their headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland, employing around 400 people worldwide.



Business Challenge


To do active sales of their proprietary „Strongest in Romania” certifications, Creditinfo were using different types of databases, which were not centralized, and kept on separate spreadsheets.

That made them lose time referring to all the separate databases, which made the whole proces of retrieving customer data inefficient.

With personnel changes there was always the risk of losing client information, including planned follow-ups and sales closures.

To improve performance and get better service quality for both their clients and employees, Creditinfo needed to better monitor the calls and the whole sales proces.


Cloud Data Storage and More Efficient Communications

Creditinfo Romania implemented the Focus Contact Center platform with the MiniCRM function and besides telephony, added chat as an extra channel of communication with their customers.




  • Better contact quality and more sales – with automatic recalls reducing human error, raising the number of contacts, and automatically reminding of next steps in the proces..
  • Higher profits with 30% – 40% more successful calls per day – because of streamlined agent efficiency.
  • Personalized communication resulting in happier customers – with better insight into their preferences thanks to contact history.
  • Improved efficiency and human error reduction – with the Focus MiniCRM function making database management easier and streamlining processes.
  • Easier segmentation of potential customers – with a centralized system collecting data from all sources.
  • No more lost customers and faster employee onboarding – with a cloud-based system. All information is stored centrally in a Tier 3 data center, Also, new employees pick up after their predecessors faster, having all information available.




“Before implementing FCC at Creditinfo, we were considering outsourcing our telesales activities. After the implementation, the decision was that it’s better to keep the telesales/call centre in house.

FCC made it easy to manage processes in the call centre, keep agent efficiency high, and gave us a level of control over the sales process that is not possible to achieve with an outsourced alternative.”

Aurimas Kačinskas
General Manager
Creditinfo Romania

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