Focus Contact Center Platform received the title of “the best product for SMEs” in the category of telecommunications in this year’s ranking of Gazeta Finansowa.

We are very happy about getting this award. It is important to us that a multi-channel tool of communication with customers, partners, employees and the entire surrounding of the company such as Focus Contact Center (FCC) is gaining recognition not only among large corporations, constantly investing in new ICT tools, but also among small and medium-sized companies that need to connect openness to new technologies with strict control of budget spending. One of the features of FCC is its scalability and that is why it is used by both companies employing hundreds or thousands of individuals and by businesses of several people. By purchasing the FCC service, our customers pay exactly for the number of communication channels, the number of positions that their company needs at the moment.

Why SMEs need a service such as Focus Contact Center? Michał Misiak, CTO at Focus Telecom Polska, states that small businesses just cannot afford to give up this tool. Because namely small businesses have to fight for literally each and every customer. Read the article by Michał Misiak published in the addition to the weekly Gazeta Finansowa “Turbiny Polskiej Gospodarki”(Turbines of Polish Economy) of 12th June 2015.



The cloud computing technology has opened an ability for small enterprises to make use of the most sophisticated tools boosting efficiency of sales and improving the customer handling. The only thing small enterprises cannot afford is to not make use of that chance.

Michał Misiak:
Modern communication platforms, such as Focus Contact Center (FCC), handle questions and matters of customers’ concern from all the communication channels (phone, email, SMS, chat, website, fax2mail). They almost create databases along with the contact record and preferences by themselves, facilitating the preparation of customized offers and increasing the conversion rate. They automate routine sale tasks (such as verification of databases or selecting phone numbers), thanks to which they optimize the commercial representatives’ working time.

Until not that long ago such solutions used to be available exclusively for big companies, Since they involved the necessity to buy, and then to maintain and modernize expensive devices. Currently our services improving communication with customers, and thus increasing the financial results of enterprises are provided in a digital cloud. This means that a business buys only the service itself, accessible via a web browser and does not incur any expenses on the equipment and the IT department servicing it. The FCC is a perfect choice for small, yet dynamically developing enterprises due to the scalability of the service – it enables to quickly and incurring minimum outlays  increase or reduce the number of the platform users depending on the situation of the enterprise.

The FCC prevents an enterprise from losing even one customer. Each question, whether by email, via website form, chat or even not received call, becomes recorded and handled by means of the FCC. Sales and customer handling departments work more productively. Commercial representatives reach a bigger number of customers and sell more efficiently. Does your business afford to give up on that chance?

*The FCC received a title of ’the best business product 2014’ in the telecommunications category of ‘Gazeta Finansowa’.

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The author occupies the post of Chief Technical Officer in the Focus Telecom Polska company


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