Modern platforms of communication with customers allow the use of three different modes of automatic dialling phone numbers. Which mode to choose? Get to know the criteria of selection of the dialling method for the type of campaign.

Recently, we described automatic telephone dialling modes (predictive, progressive and preview dialling) and the fundamental differences in their operation. Each has its strengths, but also each, when used improperly, may postpone implementation of the campaign. Below are the differences in the use of individual modes.

Predictive dialing

Predictive dialling allows to save a significant amount of work time of agents and thus means an impressive increase in productivity. It is a good choice for simple business-to-customer sales campaigns (sales to the end customer) in which a similar offer, or only a few of its different variants, is directed to all customers in the database and the agents need a glance on customer data to carry out a conversation (no time needed to go into the details). It is also an appropriate mode for carrying out telephone surveys.

In predictive dialling, there is a risk that agents will not be able to handle some calls. Despite matching of the system, some situations occur with predictive dialling when the conversation takes longer than usual, and calls initiated in the course of this conversation are not handled. It may also happen that the agent, due to some disease, is working more slowly than usual, and the system will direct calls to him/her in the normal work rate of this person. Therefore, predictive dialling works well in larger teams of agents (minimizing the risk of abandoned calls) and in the campaigns in which the risk of not handling calls and possible cost of losing a customer is significantly offset by high labour productivity of agents.

Progressive dialing

Progressive dialling is associated with a significantly lower pace of work of agents than predictive dialling, but the risk of unhandled calls does not occur in this case and agents have slightly more time to read the information about the interlocutors. This is the dialling mode often used in upselling campaigns targeted at existing customers, cross-selling, or business-to-business sales. Agents have a predetermined time provided to view the customer history.

Preview dialing

Preview dialling works in the case of complex campaigns when customer logs are long and it is necessary to get through them carefully to carry out the conversation. Although the agents lose time waiting for calls, including dial-up to answering machines or voicemail, it is usually an appropriate solution for complex projects, for example debt collection activities or the sale of complex business-to-business products. It is also a good choice in campaigns assuming repeated contact with the customer when agents know the best individually established contact hours (the preview gives the agent freedom to choose the number which he/she would decides to call next).


All dialling modes are available in the user-friendly Focus Contact Center system. Focus Telecom experts support the system users in its administration and consult the selection of dialling mode for a particular campaign.

Check the dialling options on Focus Contact Center platform in the free trial version!

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