The healthcare industry is in many ways unique – your customers are patients, the stakes – the life and health of them or their families, the legal environment – restrictive. The customers/patients have more choice, are more conscious of their rights, and have growing expectations. And the competition is growing ever stiffer.

How can you improve the performance of a medical clinic, lab, or hospital, by differentiating your services?  


The solution is improved patient support which you can achieve by better communication and the related faster workflow, aided by a cutting-edge communication management system.


Improving patient support – problems and solutions


General practices, diagnostic clinics, research labs, and hospitals suffer from organizational problems, often resulting from their dispersal.

  • No information flow among the facilities in the chain;
  • no central patient registration system;
  • difficult access to patient and medical databases.

On the other hand, the problem of unused appointments applies mostly to general practices and diagnostic clinics, and is the result of three main factors.

  • Patients have difficulty reaching registration;
  • they forget their appointments and don’t show up; or
  • they don’t cancel the visits they can’t attend.


Introducing a patient communication management system

directly helps solve such problems.


The system automatically queues calls, text messages, and e-mails from patients.

It then routes them to the registration team, who quickly and easily handle any requests. Then, they set automatic reminders to be sent to patients.

Patient support in healthcare  

Solutions that make patient support faster and better


  • multiple communication channels (phone + text message + e-mail + online forms + online chat) and their full integration;
  • automatic reminders sent by e-mail or text message;
  • easy cancellations using any communication channel (e.g. e-mail or text message);
  • integration of patient databases with the system;
  • improved information flow and better operational organization at the facility.

It is also crucial to record calls – analyses of recordings can be used to identify problems with phone support, as training materials, and as evidence in disputes.


The Focus Contact Center solution is an advanced communication management system. Helping you improve patient support by centralizing registration, easily integrating with databases, and using all available contact channels. Check it out here.

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