Call center systems in the digital cloud, which were a novelty only a few years ago, have now become a standard solution. Cloud-based solutions open up new possibilities and drive down costs. How to use them?


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Back in 2009, when he established Sekretariat.Warszawa.PL, a contact center outsourcing company, Maciej Sztompke decided to tap into the potential of the disabled, offering them work on a remote basis. Traditional technology, relying on desktop IT equipment and software only available only on-site, did not seem suitable to achieve that goal. He needed a solution to enable users to access the company’s communications platform from anywhere in Poland. The cloud call center system was the right choice.

Focus Contact Center, which is a cloud call center solution, enabled agents to work from anywhere – even from sites located several hundred kilometers away from the company’s premises. Internet access for employees is the only prerequisite. Staff members log into their company profiles and they can get right down to work. The system enables continuous agent performance monitoring. Sekretariat.Warszawa.PL employs people from across Poland and the model has proven effective. The company is constantly growing – the call center already has more than 300 workstations.

Why cloud call center?

Remote work is one of the key advantages of the cloud call center, but there are often other, equally important factors which tip the scales in its favor. That is why cloud call centers are currently also used in most companies where agents only work on-site at the company premises. Key advantages of the cloud call center:

  • scalability – the number of workstations can be easily increased at any time. This applies both to company development needs and to temporary requirements, such as increased workload during the Christmas sale season,
  • cost saving – as the service is provided in the cloud, there is no need to purchase IT equipment and employ IT maintenance and service staff,
  • easy use – there is no need to worry about software updates or equipment upgrades and line managers may remotely supervise their agents as necessary, even if they normally work on-site but are travelling on business.

What do you need to deploy the cloud call center?

Roll-out is swift, as no equipment purchase or installation is necessary. The cloud center service provider integrates the communication platform with other IT systems on the client’s end (e.g. CRM) – the process is even more efficient for API-fitted platforms (such as Focus Contact Center).

What do you need to use the cloud call center?

An internet connection and earphones for collective work.

Payment for the cloud call center service

Payments are usually made on a monthly basis and the amounts due are closely related to the number of workstations used. This allows for significant cost saving as opposed to the traditional solution, where it is impossible to periodically change the number of workstations.

Cloud call center – is it worth it?

When we first introduce our services, which are now available in the cloud in the SaaS model, to clients who have so far only used stationary solutions, we always see how satisfied they are,” said Michał Misiak, CTO at Focus Telecom Polska. “Initial reservations and doubts are quickly dispelled as we analyze the options available and perform cost calculations, also emphasizing the system’s user-friendliness. Switching from a stationary work model to a cloud-based call center is usually like changing from a bicycle to a limousine.


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