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Predictive Dialer – How to choose the best option?

Predictive dialing is a powerful and essential tool for a modern call/contact center. Depending on its class, its effects can be either impressive or merely satisfactory. How to choose the best option?  

Case study – improving insurance sales

Only 1 in 4 customers of insurance companies is satisfied with customer service. Customer complain about slow service, lack of individual approach or the need to provide information which has already been given. RESO has decided to improve customer experience and to this end, the company has implemented a communication platform integrated with a central database.

Telephone in e-commerce service: 6 facts

The rapid growth of new client communication channels, such as chats, Facebook or mobile applications, seems to indicate that telephone service will no longer be necessary soon. So, in that case, is it worth improving corporate telephone helplines? Do customers, also the younger ones, still need quality telephone service?

How does call routing work?

A few customers telephone a company at the same time, which completely prevents others from making a connection. On top of that, other customers ask questions on the chat, and there are e-mails and website contact forms to be answered… Who to serve first? And who should serve them? The routing function provides a solution here. Routing was first used for managing telephone calls, therefore it is quite often referred to as ‘call routing’. Explained below are the routing principles, […]