Only 1 in 4 customers of insurance companies is satisfied with customer service. Customer complain about slow service, lack of individual approach or the need to provide information which has already been given. RESO has decided to improve customer experience and to this end, the company has implemented a communication platform integrated with a central database.


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2 RESO Europa Service Sp. z o.o. is a countrywide insurance broker. They cooperate with 3300 insurance agents across Poland.

The company is also engaged in international cooperation as a general partner to Latvia-based BTA Insurance Company SE.


Three areas for improvement have been identified by an internal audit in the company. They are:

  1. difficulties faced by customers trying to contact the company
  2. insufficient service speed
  3. insufficient work productivity

Difficulties faced by customers trying to contact the company mainly involved the telephone channel. Its capacity was limited and it could only handle 30 calls at the time for all company departments, counting inbound and outbound calls altogether. Being unable to reach the company, customers tried to contact them by calling of individual employees or through social media. It was impossible to check how many customers failed to get through, or to call them back. Those customers were potentially lost to the company.

Customer service (including insurance sales) was too slow, because consultants could not access a central database where information on previous customer interactions would be stored. Talking to a customer, a consultant was unable to do a quick check up on the history of insurance contracts signed or claims reported by the customer, contact information, object insured, general or specific exclusions, compensation limits, or offering and service preferences and expectations.

Inefficient work was due to the inability to access customer data quickly and easily on the one hand, as described above, and lack of staff monitoring on the other hand. The company did not have any system in place to monitor the readiness of its consultants to work or their breaks.


It was possible to solve all three problems at a time owing to the deployment of Focus Contact Center – comprehensive software which makes communication with customers more efficient, includes a database offering convenient automated access for consultants and is equipped with monitoring and reporting tools. The deployment of the entire system, including the transfer of telephone lines and testing, took less than two weeks. The short implementation time was possible owing to the use of a cloud computing model for the delivery of the Focus Contact Center solution.

Focus Contact Center functionalities used:


The Focus Contact Center was deployed in August 2015. As a result of the project, customers find it much easier now to contact the company. The speed of service and work efficiency have also improved.

One of the key benefits of the system is the capability of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of customer service, as well as communication bottlenecks. Detailed reports inform which sales and service components achieve their goals and which need improvement.

Main business areas which have improved owing to the platform:

  1. 1. Easier contact between customers and the company
    • full capacity of the telephone channel – no inbound or outbound call limits,
    • shorter hold time – 74% of customers who call the company get through in less than 25 seconds,
    • improved customer experience – positive customer reviews, much less negative feedback received,
    • calling back– with each call attempt being recorded by the system, consultants are able to call back those customers who give up when waiting to get through,
    • more structured customer communication – owing to the improved availability of the call center, less customers attempt to contact customer service through other departments, calling individual employees or via social media platforms.
  1. 2. Increased sales thanks to training based on recorded calls and the possibility of customizing the offering (by accessing customer history).
  2. 3. Improving the quality and speed of service owing to access to information on previous customer interactions (insurance bought, claims reported, failed contact attempts – to call back etc.) and call monitoring.
  3. 4. Improved efficiency of work with a dedicated staff monitoring system.

The utilization of the Focus Contact Center system at RESO Europa Service is consistently optimized. With the ongoing analysis of indicators such as hold times for particular departments, number of contacts handled by each consultant or status of individual customer requests, the company is able to continuously improve its quality of service and sales performance. The customer service department of Focus Telecom provides support in the system optimization process.

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