Focus Telecom and ABC Data Join Forces

Having started this year, cloud-enabled business communication tools by Focus Telecom are now being distributed by ABC Data. Partnering with a distributor in SaaS solution sales is a new, unique business model. New Cloud Computing Partnership Model In the most popular model it is the software developer who does the sales. The news, on a European scale, is partnering with a distributor. Focus Telecom’s partner in the new approach is ABC Data, a leader in IT equipment and consumer electronics […]

Expanding and strengthening our partnership – Focus Telecom training with ABC Data

Today, at our Focus Telecom offices we are doing the first in a series of trainings for ABC Data. Their team of product- and key account managers are spending a full day with us. They are learning the details of our solutions, such as Focus Contact Center, Focus Chat, Focus Desk, and Virtual PBX. This marks a great opportunity to exchange knowledge, but also to meet, network, and ask questions. And, since all participants are sales people, they can share […]