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Predictive Dialer – How to choose the best option?

Predictive dialing is a powerful and essential tool for a modern call/contact center. Depending on its class, its effects can be either impressive or merely satisfactory. How to choose the best option?  

E-mail to a customer – 10 common mistakes

Long, confusing, riddled with attachments and graphics, without key information – such e-mails are a disaster when dealing with customers. They leave a terrible impression and effectively discourage purchase. Which errors in e-mail correspondence with customers should be avoided at any cost?

12 steps to improved First Call Resolution

The percentage of First Call Resolution, i.e. customer-reported issues that were dealt with during the first contact with a consultant, is one of the most important indicators of a call/contact centre. Its importance in the evaluation of the quality of work is not subject to discussion, the achievement of a high level of this measure requires many coordinated actions. Below are our tips to raise the level of FCR in your company.